Be the best you can be at bidding. The BidCraft Academy gives you control of your professional development journey with APMP Certification and Bidding Skills learning courses

How the BidCraft Academy works

The BidCraft Academy is designed for online learning or to support a blended learning approach

  • Diverse learning formats

    Our courses use videos, discussions, surveys, quizzes, and assignments to support diverse learning styles and help embed the learning.

  • Learn online on any device

    The BidCraft Academy is a flexible learning system that's online by design. Access courses from a laptop, tablet or mobile.

  • Learn when it works for you

    You can learn at a pace that suits you. You don't need to be online at a specific time and the materials are always available.

  • Learn with others

    We learn best when we learn with others, that's why discussion is part of every course. Join in and learn more.

  • Track progress and achievement

    Get weekly emails to gently nudge you towards your goal and a dashboard to track progress if you need to dip in and out.

Are you a corporate leader?

Do you want to invest in your team’s professional development? We can tailor courses to meet their needs and make the whole thing easy to buy.

Always evolving

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Course Instructors

All courses are designed and delivered by Jon Darby and Eve Upton. If you’re wondering who we are and why we’re qualified to teach you, then read on.

Jon Darby

At BidCraft, I help companies and people to become the best they can be at bidding. I love introducing new techniques and evolving how they do things. I take huge pride in giving something back to the bidding profession and making it a valued career of choice. This is why I volunteered to serve on the board of APMP UK for seven years as their Marketing Director, Chapter Chair and Annual Awards Director. I'm also an APMP Rapport Mentor and an APMP certified professional. Annoyingly, I was the second person ever to gain the new Capture Practitioner certification (see Eve…) So, what does this all mean to you? Well, I think it demonstrates that I have the expertise and hands-on experience to help develop your skills and guide you to be successful in your bidding career.

Eve Upton

As a consultant at BidCraft, I make a principle of doing bidding not just teaching people about it. This approach gives you the theory tempered with recent experience of harsh reality. I’m embedded in the world of APMP - on the UK Chapter board, and unavoidable speaking at conference, events and webinars. In both this and formal teaching, I love to share ideas and any good practices that may make the learner’s life just that little bit easier or more interesting. I was #superproud to be the first in the world to pass the APMP Capture Practitioner certification, so I think that makes me qualified to help you too. I also have a degree in Psychology, so yes, I do know what you are thinking...

Why BidCraft?

You might be wondering why you should choose to learn with us?

The fact that you’re here says a lot about you. Maybe you want to advance your career by stretching yourself to do more interesting things? Maybe you want to develop new skills to make your job more rewarding? Or perhaps you enjoy expanding your mind and taking on new challenges? 

Whatever your reason, we’re glad that you took this step to learn how you can gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to be the best you can be at bidding. 

The BidCraft Academy’s engaging and varied course material benefits from a body of work spanning 40+years. The courses are modular and follow a structured syllabus that you can tackle at your own pace. And if data’s your thing, we give you access to a dashboard that lets you easily track your progress and achievement. 

When and where you do it is up to you.

What other people say...


Phil Nathan

The platform looks great and is well thought through with a good mix of lessons to keep it fresh. I found myself wanting to keep going back to it and pick up where I left off. They’ve thought of everything and they clearly know their stuff. The interaction was a nice surprise – not many others that I looked at seemed to offer discussion and live Q&A. Well worth taking the course!

Essential for bid professionals

Liz Pocknell

We have worked together on and off for around 15 years, his knowledge of Bidding is outstanding and he recognises that training is essential for Bid Professionals. He has set up the academy to bring expertise to the Bidding world. As a past CEO of the trade body for the sector (APMPUK) he calls on the best in their fields to provide the tools and knowledge vital to win bids. I am privileged to have been his MSWord trainer. I recommend you contact him next time you want your bid to WIN!!!

Practical advice

Jo Peck

BidCraft’s training and webinars have been really helpful in bringing best practice to life, with lots of practical advice and examples of how to apply it for experienced capture and bid professionals and those just entering the profession.

How many stars?

5 star rating

Brilliant bite sized course!

Rebecca Ridley

Just about to start capture planning for a new strategic bid - timing and content couldn't be better!!

Just about to start capture planning for a new strategic bid - timing and content couldn't be better!!

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5 star rating

A great training course...

Ged Hesketh

... well-constructed at the right level of detail, interesting and well-presented. Using APMP terminology, it covers the entire Business Development lifecyc...

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... well-constructed at the right level of detail, interesting and well-presented. Using APMP terminology, it covers the entire Business Development lifecycle - Roles, Activities, Tools - comprehensively, clearly and succinctly. So, as well as being an ideal companion for anyone preparing for the APMP Foundation exam, it's also a useful tool for anyone new to bidding who wants an overview of how it should be done, and for the more experinced practitioner looking for a refresher course in the basics. Excellent!

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What else does BidCraft do?

BidCraft is a fully-fledged bidding services consultancy. With expertise from capture to closure, we target the areas that improve bidding performance the most, giving you the winning edge in a competitive market.

  • Positioning

    We help you to create compelling win strategies that resonate with the customer, beat the competition, and play to your strengths.

  • Bidding

    Our bidding services challenge your thinking and guide you to develop outstanding bids that improve your probability of winning.

  • Evolving

    Our capability development, training and learning services help you to become the best bidding version of yourselves.