Do you want to invest in your team’s professional development?

Are you a leader looking to develop your team’s capability? We can develop bespoke learning programmes to address specific requirements linked to competence frameworks and training needs analysis. Or, if you just want an easier way to buy our standard courses, we offer group enrolment and course bundles.

Staying in control

  • Progress reporting

    Monitor your team's progress through the courses so you can celebrate their success and encourage the laggards.

  • Learning tests

    Test your team's learning with quizzes or homework assignments. We’ll provide detailed feedback and guidance as part of the course progression.

  • Easy to buy

    We can work with your procurement preferences by bundling courses or enrolments and providing invoicing as required.

Learner benefits

There are many benefits to the learning methodology and techniques we use. These benefits increase learner engagement and improve their chances of completing courses with new skills and knowledge.

  • The learning experience is more engaging with progress indicators and unlimited replays of course materials

  • The variety of formats cater for diverse learning needs

  • Learners control the pace of learning so they can work around the demands of their job

  • Assignments provide detailed feedback and guidance

  • We can blend live teaching into the course for workshops or one-to-one coaching

  • Peer discussion embeds learning as the learners share their experiences, opinions, and questions

  • We can provide workbooks and takeaway guidance for just-in-time refreshers

  • You can publicly celebrate your team's success with certificates and discussion forums

Want classroom training?

We deliver face-to-face and live virtual (over Teams) courses for groups

If you have a cohort of learners with a specific training need, we deliver a range of classroom training and hybrid courses. Get in touch to discuss your specific training needs.
Jon and Gareth presenting at BPC Dallas


  • Can I get a private course for my team?

    Yes. We can develop private courses so only your team can access them. This is useful when you want to use your terminology, brand it with your corporate identity, or just keep the information private.

  • I want to have one invoice - can you do that?

    Yes. We can invoice you for bundles of courses or groups of students however needed, giving you simple payment processing and control of learner enrolment. We can also process corporate credit cards, subscriptions, and other payment mechanisms.

  • Can you develop courses that use my terminology and bid process?

    Absolutely. We can work with you to create courses that mirror your way of working and the content you want presented.

  • Does the whole team have to start at once or when they have the time?

    We can do both. If you want a cohort to go through training together, we can do that. If you’d prefer to buy several seats and then allocate them when you need to, we can provide vouchers. This could be useful if you’re recruiting new team members in the future where the training could form part of their induction.

  • If someone leaves the company, can I stop their access?

    Yes. Just let us know who and we'll do the rest.

  • Can you develop a course for my in-house corporate learning platform?

    We can. There may be constraints with your platform that might mean we can't offer the same richness of content, but we can flex.